Trade Catalogue - Alliums

 Range of jewellery using a collection of photographs taken of Alliums

 Alliums small pdt Green-Orange  Alliums small pdt Fuchsia  Alliums Orange - Green 6mm Large Circle Pdt on Cord 1  Alliums Large circle cord pdt Lilac
 JS11 17 JS11 18  JS11 19  JS11 20 
 Alliums 6x30mm Bangle Fuchsia  Alliums Green - Pink 6x20mm Bangle  Alliums Green - Pink 6mm Large Circle Pdt on Cord 1  Alliums 6x20 bangle green-orange
 JS11 21 JS11 22  JS11 23  JS11 24 
 Alliums Studs Lilac  alliums fucshia studs  Alliums Purple-fuchsia pin  1 Image coming soon
JS11 25 JS11 26 JS11 27 JS11 27
 Alliums circle drops Green - Orange  Alliums 6x20mm Bangle Lilac  Alliums pink and yellow drop earrings  
JS11 28 JS11 29 JS11 30