Trade Catalogue - Manmade

Range of jewellery using a collection of photographs taken of interesting manmade objects or views all over the UK.


6m sq pdt station
6m sq pdt close crane
Manmade - Newcastle Bridges Bangle 1 Manmade - Roof Top Earrings
JS12 31 JS12 32 JS12 33 JS12 34
Manmade - Roof Tops Bangle 1 10x20mm station bangle
10x20mm Close crane bangle
Manmade bridges cufflinks
JS12 35 JS12 36 JS12 37 JS12 38
Manmade Close Crane Cufflinks 6mm station cufflinks
Manmade - Roof Top Pendant Manmade Circle pendant Bridges
JS12 38 JS12 38 JS12 39 JS12 40
6m sq earrings station
Manmade Close Crane 6mm sq earrings Manmade Bridges circle earrings  
JS12 41 JS12 42 JS12 43