Trade Catalogue - East Coast

Acrylic jewellery range featuring various images taken on location at various points along the East Coast of England. Jessica picks out textures and objects of interest and captures them in her work.

 East Coast 6x30mm  lighthouse  East Coast 6x30mm Seashore  Blue Beach 10x20 Bangle  East Coast 10x30mm Bangle Boats
 JS12 78 JS12 79  JS12 80  JS12 81 
 East Coast Small Earrings Blue Beach  East Coast Small Earrings Boats  East Coast Small pdt Blue Beach  East Coast Small Pdt Boats
 JS12 82 JS12 83  JS12 84  JS12 85 
 Lobster Net Cufflinks 1  Boats cuflinks 1  Pebbles cufflinks 1  lobster net pendant
JS12 86 JS12 86 JS12 86 JS12 87
 East Coast Pebbles Pdt  Lobster Net small earrings  Lobster Nets 6x20mm bangle  East Coast Pebbles 6x20mm Bangle 1
JS12 88 JS12 89 JS12 90  JS12 91
East Coast Pebbles Earrings      
JS12 92