Trade Catalogue - Leaves

Range of acrylic jewellery using images of leaves taken at various times of the year to create a variety of colour.

 Leaves 10mm Large dia Pdt v1 Autumn Turquoise  Leaves small dia Pdt Horse Ches  Leaves small dia Pdt Blue Green Leaves  Leaves Dia earrings Aut Turq Leaves
 JS12 1 JS12 2  JS12 3  JS12 4 
 Leaves 10x20mm Bangle Horse Ches  Leaves 6mm Dia earrings Blk Lime Leaves  Leaves 10x20mm Bangle Aut Turq Leaves  Leaves Dia earrings Horse Ches
 JS12 5 JS12 6  JS12 7  JS12 8 
Leaves 10x20 Bangle v1 Spring Blue Green  6x20 blk lime leaves bangle  Leaves Dia earrings Blu Green Leaves  Leaves 6mm Sq Pdt Red Green Leaves
JS12 9 JS12 10 JS12 11 JS12 12
 Leaves 6mm Dia Pdt Blk Lime Leaves  6x30 red green leaves bangle  Leaves 6mm Sq Earrings Red Green Leaves  6mm Horse Ches cufflinks
JS12 13 JS12 14 JS12 15 JS12 16
 6mm blue red leaves cufflinks  Leaves 6mm Cufflinks Blk Lime Leaves  6mm green red leaves cufflinks  
JS12 16 JS12 16 JS12 16