Trade Catalogue - Optical

Range of acrylic jewellery exploring the optical effects of the material.  Text is the background being distored, coloured wires are made from nylon and earring wires are Sterling Silver.

Optical Double Pdt
Optical Lg Black Cord Pdt
Optical 10x20mm Bangle
Optical 10x30mm Bangle
JS12 93 JS12 94
JS12 95
JS12 96

Optical Studs Optical Drop Earrings
Optical Lg Red Cord Pdt
Optical 10x30mm Bangle 2
JS12 97
JS12 98
JS12 99
JS12 100

Optical Drop Earrings 2
Optical Studs 2
Optical Sm Red Cord Pdt
Optical Sm Black Cord Pdt
JS12 101
JS12 102
JS12 103
JS12 104